School Norms




Note: Students are expected to come daily in complete uniform.

  1. Blue Short Skirt and White & Blue Stripes blouses for Girls from Ist Std to VII Std.
    1. Blue Shorts and White & Blue Stripes Shirts for  Ist Std to IVth Std Boys. 
    1. Full Pant and White & Blue stripes shirts for Vth Std  to VII Std Boys.
    1. Navy Blue Socks and Black shoes.
  1. On Wednesday 

They have to wear

  1. School T-Shirt with Blue Short Skirt for Ist Std  to VII Std Girls.
    1. School T-Shirt with Blue Shorts   for  Ist Std to IVth Std Boys. 
    1. School T-Shirt with Full Pant for Vth  Std to VIIth Std Boys. 
  • On Saturday 

They have to wear

  1. School T-Shirt with White Short Skirt for Ist Std to VII Std Girls.
  2. School T-Shirt with White Shorts   for  Ist Std to IVth Std Boys. 
  3. School T-Shirt with White Pant for Vth  Std to VIIth Std Boys. 
  • The pupils must be in school by 9:35 a.m.
  • All are expected to attend school on the re-opening day.
  • Every application for admission should be made to the head of the school in writing by the Parent / Guardian of the candidate who will stand responsible for her/his conduct.
  1. Pupils coming from a recognized school are required to bring a leaving certificate, Marks Card , Aadhar Card , from the school, they have attended, duly countersigned by the concerned education officer.


  1. Students should attend school regularly and be punctual.  All should be present in the school at least five minutes before the first bell at 9:40a.m for the assembly. If the child is late to school three times in a month, parents will be sent for or else fined.
  2. Attendance for Std VII is compulsory till the finals over.
  3. Leaving the premises during school hours requires written permission from the Principal.  Lunch should be brought to school.  No delivery of lunch at the school gate.  This is to take precaution to avoid all danger.
  4. During the absence of the Teacher the Prefects are responsible for the order and discipline of the class.  If the teacher does not arrive in the classroom two minutes after the bell, the prefect should make enquiries in the office.
  5. When the students move along the corridor/verandah/stairs they must walk in single file and in silence.  The rule is “Keep Left”.  When the whole class is moving out before the break or at the end of the day, the teacher in the class should be the last to leave the class room.
  6. Finger Nails must be cut short and kept clean.  No, nail polish is permitted.  Parents should seek prior permission for their children to apply Mehendi on days of festivals.
  7. Jewellery, bangles or gold chains and nose studs are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated if used.  Ear – rings if worn should be small and simple, not colourful and long.  No fancy watches are permitted.
  8. No circular, collection list, Booklets papers etc. may be circulated in the school nor may any notice be put up on the Notice – board without the written authority of the Principal.
  9. No collection for any purposes whatsoever is to be started and no meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without the previous permission of the Principal.  No gifting is allowed on birthdays.
  10. Serious action may be taken by the Principal for faults against discipline, and regularly, and in case of unsanctioned leave.
  11. Reports on conduct, application and progress are issued in the Progress Report card and in the calendar from time to time.   On the day after they are issued they have to be shown it to the class teacher, duly signed and dated by the parents or guardians.  The same holds good for other remarks.
  12. Parents or guardians are reminded that without their help and co-operation not much fruit can be expected from the efforts made to mould the children’s character in the school.  They are therefore earnestly requested to enforce regularly and discipline to see that their children prepare their homework, and come to school with all the books required for the day’s work, as shown in the time table.
  13. Every pupil must possess a copy of the school calendar which is to be brought to class on all days and followed carefully.
  14. The students name and other details included specimen signature of parents must be filled in within a week after the re-opening of the school.
  15. Students should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school, but also for their general behavior   outside.  Any reported objectionable conduct is liable for disciplinary action.
  16. Application for leave reason for absence will be considered only through written request explanation by parent / guardian.
  17. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week.  Disobedience, objectionable moral influences, discourtesy, and disrespect to teachers and elders are each a sufficient cause for Dismissal / T.C.
  18. Every student is urged to contribute to the high tone of the school by her/his good manners and conduct.
  19. Cell Phones or any Electronic gadgets, magazines, story books found in possession of the students will be confiscated and make them liable for Disciplinary  action.
  20. Care of the school property and cleanliness of the school premises is the duty of every student.  Expenses incurred on damage of school property will be borne by all responsible.
  21. Students must take care of their belongings.  School authorities are not responsible for any loss, damages or theft.
  22. No student will be exempted from Physical Education (Drill) without a medical certificate which must be renewed every semester and counter signed by the Principal.
  23. A school canteen is provided on the premises.  Parents should discourage their children from buying junk food.
  24. Student are not allowed  to receive visitors or make phone calls during the school hours.
  25. Student who come the school with parents should never leave the school until their parents come and take them back home.


  1. If a pupil is unable for reasons of serious ill-health to sit for any examination a note to the effect supported by a Medical Certificate to the satisfaction of the Principal should be sent immediately to the Principal, otherwise promotions will be decided as per rules.
  2. Pupils absent from a test or an examination without real and grave reasons accepted by the Principal will be considered as having failed.
  3. Results are finalized at a joint meeting of the staff as per rules of the department.
  4. Applications for verification of marks in special cases will be considered at the discretion  of the school authorities.



  1. You, the parents are the real educators of your children.  The school is just a helper, playing a secondary role in this matter.  Please, therefore, involve yourself with your children’s work, be interested in their homework and study, and give us a hand in running the School better.
  2. Please check and Sign daily the lesson book of your child, and read the remarks of the teacher written in the same subject parents will be summoned.
  3. Please help to keep the school environment clean by not littering the garden with paper packets.
  4. If a pupil is absent due to illness for more than three days the Principal must be informed immediately.
  5. Should you feel that your child does not make the desired progress; the Principal should be contacted in this connection.  Make it a point to attend the ‘Open House’’ after each periodical Assessment.  This is essential.
  6. In order to increase proficiency in English in school, as well as at home, students should be encouraged to speak English correctly. English should be spoken during school hours except when another language is taught in the class.
  7. Your encouragement to take part in sports, outdoor games and other co-curricular activities will go a long way in maintaining your child’s physical and mental well-being.
  8. A student with less than 75% of attendance in each Term will not be permitted to appear for the examination, nor will he/she be promoted to the next class, as per Department Rules.
  9. The School aims at providing an all-round education to its students therefore the parents are expected to co-operate fully in the task of education by seeing to the regular studies of the child and by encouraging him/her to participate in the activities of the school for maintaining physical and mental well-being.
  10. Parents are allowed to meet the teachers only after obtaining permission from the Principal.
  11. Please check the calendar/homework, daily and sign, accordingly.
  12. Most important of all, encourage your children to confide in you, gain the confidence; make them feel free to talk things over with you.
  13. Please notify the school of any change in your address or telephone number immediately.
  14. Your co-operation will be highly appreciated if you leave and pick up your child at the school entrance gate.
  15. When communicating with the Principal, mention the standard and division of your ward.
  16. Parents should make their complaints directly to the school authorities if any, and not to the class teachers.
  17. Parents need to ensure that your child has sufficient sets of uniform and they come to school neatly dressed in complete school uniform.
  18. Never criticize the teacher in the presence of your child unhealthy criticism.
  19. Help your child to make a personal time-table create a studious atmosphere and have a check on your ward’s use of electronic gadgets/media etc.


  1. Students should be punctual and attend school regularly.
  2. No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons and only on previous written application of the parents/guardian.
  3. Absence without prior intimation / permission of the Principal for wedding, Feast, etc. will invite disciplinary action.
  4. Except on duly certified grounds, previously sanctioned by the Principal, no extension or advancement of leave is allowed.
  5. All the students are expected to attend school on the reopening day after each vacation.  Tardy arrival after vacations is liable to be penalized.
  6. On return to school, any absentee must produce a written explanation duly signed by the parent / guardian.  Failure to do so may result in the student being sent home in which case the school disclaims all responsibility.
  7. Absence due to illness on days of compulsory attendance such are Re-opening days. Closing Days, Test/Examination days will be condoned without a Medical Certificate.
  8. Students who have been recently suffering from or exposed to any infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school unless they bring a medical certificate stating that the period of quarantine is over.
  9. Sectional religious holidays are allowed, but not more than one day in the same  month; and then only on their parent’s previous written application.


  1. All students should wear the prescribed school uniform on all school days, for school functions or when representing the school as a group.
  2. Daily the students are expected to wear ID Card & School Belt.  It is compulsory.
  3. Every student must come to school in clean and well pressed uniform.
  4. Regular uniform to be worn during test and examinations.
  5. Blouse to be tucked in neatly.
  6. Should wear inner garments under the uniform. It is compulsory.
  7. Socks of ankle length must be clean and white.
  8. Shoes must be polished daily.
  9. Hair to be combed neatly and plated in two.  No fancy hair bands, clips will be allowed.
  10. Ornaments are not permitted. Only a pair of simple studs to be worn.
  11. Nails to be trimmed regularly, no nail polish or mehendi is permitted.
  12. Fancy watches are not permitted.
  13. Make up of any kind must be avoided.