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It is an UNAIDED MINORITY SCHOOL RECOGNIZED by the Government of Karnataka. We feel proud that our school caters to the average students with a very affordable cost.


John spoke up, “master, we saw a man casting out devils In your name and because he is not with us, we tried to stop him.” Jesus said to him, “you must not stop him, anyone who is not against you is with you.  Something similar happened in the town of Chitradurga back in 1950’s.  The same spirit of God,” who inspired our foundresses in Cantaous in 1882 blew over the hills of Chitradurga town.  The call originated from a prominent convent educated,  Hindu lady Mrs Sudha T. V Reddy the wife of T V Reddy,  the Deputy Commissioner of Chitradurga district they were the direct instrument in bringing the sisters to this semi-arid land in the year 1956.

Smt. Sudha T V Reddy wife of Sri T V Reddy, The Deputy Commissioner of Chitradurga, had immense pleasure of starting Convent school. She completed her studies from Good Shepherd Convent School, Bangalore. Inspired by the Life style of sisters, their vision, sacrifice, Service mind and faith in God Smt. Sudha T V Reddy initiated the plan to build a Convent school in Chitradurga in the year 1956 so that it is helpful for the citizens of Chitradurga.

So it was then that the Nursery school in the Mahila Samaj was started. The sisters started the mission on 2nd February 1956. The privilege foundresses to shoulder this new enterprise were Sr Mary Michael B, Veronica Rodriguez and Mary Fernandez.

As luck would have it, the people of Chitradurga rallied together and secured a plot of land from the Deputy Commissioner’s compound for the convent and school. Thus, the primary and the middle school were opened successively.  Sr Michael was the headmistress of the primary school.

As in the foundation of Cantaous, the hardships of the early days in Chitradurga have brought abundant blessings on this house.

St Joseph’s English Higher Primary School was awarded with this Certificate

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Sister MICHAEL , The pioneers of this Reputed Educational Institution St Joseph’s Convent School- Chitradurga (1956)
First Headmistress-the Brain Behind &The Cornerstone of the Institution
Celebration of 175th year of Tarbes


The school which had a very humble beginning in 1964 headed by Rev Mother Michael, an ardent lover of Jesus Christ has seen in her a true guide, a leader, mentor, a mother to thousands of children who passes through her.


We are completing 64 years of dedicated services, at this point, what comes to my mind is that, Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.


We, The Sisters of St Joseph of Tarbes radically Share the Vision and Mission of Jesus.

“Father, May They all be one”. Jhon 17:21


To mould young individuals, to be intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually inspired and socially committed people, emotionally balanced, skill-based youth to serve the Society in the twenty first century


Rooted in the love of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we are called together, to be for God and to be for others, to live and build Communities and in the world.


1.To enable Full human effectiveness- To enable every student towards wholeness.

2. Enlightened Commitments- To inculcate in every student a sense of values leading her/him to the Ultimate reality.

3. The Institution / A Community of Learners- To make the school a center for human, spiritual, cultural and academic formation.

4. Our Fundamental Option- To make education available primarily to the Christian Community and the poorer sections of the neighborhood.

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