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Pre-Primary stage is the foundation of child’s knowledge, skills and behavior. The completion of pre-primary education sends the child to primary stage.

Kindergarten, which literally means “Garden for the children”. It approaches education traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities such as constructive and destructive, drawing, thumbprints and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

Education experiences provide balance and variety among physical, mental, spiritual and social activities as the child’s world of awareness.


Kindergarten is the first opportunity for children to begin to understand that school is a place for learning. The kindergarten program provides initial learning experiences in language development, patterns, alphabets, number concept, creative skills, social and physical growth.

LKG has the first step of education kids earn how to speak and the teacher teaches them how to have their tiffin, make friends, be disciplined and punctual not to miss their parents and cry for them how to enjoy a day independently.

Kids learn how to hold a pencil and use an eraser, colour pencils, play, dance take part in curricular and co-curricular activities.

“Children are our most valuable resource”


Upper kindergarten is on the beautiful stage in child’s life, because during LKG, the child will be adjusting to new environment. But as soon as it enters UKG it would start exploiting its self-abilities.

The child will learn to write , read, sing, dance, action and play with teacher’s help. At the same time, it will start to improve social behavior and try to make friends and feels free to talk to people around.

Children learn about basic of daily usable things and in this class teachers behave like real parents, they learn alphabets, numericals and handwriting. By the time they learn how to play spend their day at school and stay without being homesick.

In the class not only teachers will teach them curricular and co-curricular activities, we teach them a universal brotherhood.

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